Monday, February 21, 2005

RSVP behavior

One of the worst things about Evite, in my humble opinion, is that it rationalizes an unequal information exchange. The host must provide all his information up front; whereas the guests are incentivized not to respond till very late if at all. By responding early they give up an option, and as we all know an option confers value. Also, the way Evite is set up, there's some social pressure to give a reasonable excuse... and you know, a lot of the time the excuse is really that you're tired and just want to chill with a beer at home... so it's easier all around just to not respond at all.

Which is to say, I totally understand... but now I need to even up the incentives. We're now alarmingly oversubscribed for the March meeting, and people are still asking for invites. It looks like it may become necessary to limit attendance -- and if so, we're taking the first N people who said yes. Furthermore I tend to drop people who don't RSVP. If you can't come this month, that's perfectly fine -- just respond "no" and I'll keep you on the list for future meetings -- but help me help you by giving me a crisp yes-no answer as early as possible. Thanks!