Saturday, March 12, 2005

March meeting recap

Thanks to everyone who came to the March 106, to Rifkin for moderating, and to Jeff Winner for speaking! As always, Jeremy's writeup is the first. Former Red Herring reporter Irina blogged her impressions of the meeting too.

In another first, Jeff asked the assembled not to blog the specifics of his talk. He was extraordinarily frank in answering our questions, and I think everyone understood the reasons for his request. I hope the various speakers find us flexible in honoring their preferences, which have already spanned a wide range from Dave Sifry's webcast to Jeff's non-specific-blogging request.

I'm so excited about all the new people who are finding their way to 106 Miles! I try to make a new friend every time, in between my hostessing duties, and this month Bill Lennan of Knight-Ridder really stood out for his enthusiasm and his helpful suggestions. I hope everyone feels comfy asking to be invited even if you don't know anyone who has attended before. We are friendly and we will give you snacks!


Blogger ifindkarma said...

Moderating is relatively easy compared with what you do.

You make it all come together, and you make it seem effortless, and I realize it takes a lot of hard work and time -- so thank you, Joyce.

I look forward to the next 106...

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, my name in print and it's not an internal facing document! :-)
Late thanks to Joyce an crew for a great March meeting and the BlueChalk event was great also.
I hope 106miles brings you more fun than you can handle :-)


10:50 PM  
Anonymous wedding venues beverly hills said...

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3:23 AM  

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