Monday, April 18, 2005

Thanks to Mike and Russ and CommerceNet!

Last week's April 106 was held at CommerceNet's new office on the corner of California and El Camino -- thanks to them for being great hosts for us. Allan Schiffman, executive director of CommerceNet, gave a short introduction to ComNetOrg's new mission, which is helping entrepreneurial engineers.

Mike Rowehl and Russell Beattie (both of whose names I'd been mispronouncing for months! Rowehl rhymes with "dowel", and Beattie apparently rhymes with "hey hottie") led a discussion that induced more participation than ever before -- it was a very "engineer to engineer" chat. I had no idea how strongly people felt about mobile development! Russ and Mike emphasized the huge global potential market of the mobile space, while a not inconsiderable number of 106 members pushed back on grounds of the extreme fragmentation of said huge global market. A lively exchange was enjoyed by all!