Sunday, May 08, 2005

LinkedIn for entrepreneurial engineers...

We've seen the debate unfold over time, both for and against LinkedIn.

I do believe the SimplyHired LinkedIn service takes us one step closer to LinkedIn being useful to entrepreneurial engineers, by allowing engineers to search for job openings based on specific skills, and then use their connections to facilitate networking their way into jobs.

But there are still plenty more features that can (and will) be added to make LinkedIn more useful for entrepreneurial engineers...


Blogger Dave said...

personally i think LinkedIn is terrific, although i think the UI could be simplified a good bit.

LinkedIn Groups is also a great idea, the implementation is rather clunky. way too much friction right now to setup new groups/people -- hope they streamline that further.

still, i don't think there's anywhere near a close 2nd alternative to LinkedIn, except simply managing your own contact list via email. i'm sure we all still do this, but LI is tremendously valuable both for tracking requests, as well as meeting people 2 or 3 degrees outside your immediate contact group.

room for improvement, but big thumbs up from me.

8:59 AM  
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