Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Summer mingle tomorrow night

If you haven't RSVPed yet, or gotten your friends on the guest list, or sent us a Paypal -- do it today! Let's get it started tomorrow night!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Art of Starting

An oldie-but-a-goodie: Brendon Wilson has an excellent transcript of Guy Kawasaki's The Art of Starting spiel.

My favorite passage is the one about finding soul mates, but I also really like this passage:
I would encourage you entrepreneurs as you're contemplating your companies or forming your companies to think about what is the meaning going to be? Not the money. Money is the outcome of successful meaning-making, if you will.

Let's analyze the types of meaning - I think there are principally four types:
  • One is to make the world a better place by a product or a service.
  • The second is to increase the quality of life of people.
  • The third is to right something that is wrong, to fix something.
  • The fourth is to prevent the end of something good.
Those are the four types of meaning that any company, any organization can make. My plea to you is to focus your efforts on making meaning, not making money.
Ready, steady, go!