Friday, July 01, 2005

How many new ventures?

106 Miles is hopping lately! I know of several conversations between members that have led to job offers, people joining startups, cooperation between projects, and other cool opportunities -- even a date or two, heh. There seemed to be mad networking going on at the party last night, everyone was so genuinely interested in what everyone else is up to. It's fantabulous to think we might be useful as an information hub for our members! Remember, Rifkin is LinkedIn to practically everybody, and loves to be asked for favors... ;-)

But then someone asked me today: how many actual new ventures have been started by 106 Miles members in our first six months of existence? I'm afraid I don't have a good count. There's at least three that I know of, although I can't claim that 106 had much to do with any of them -- but it does show that members are seriously thinking about the startup life. If you know of others, we'd love to hear about them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember hearing of at least 4 the other night, but I don't know how many have actually launched.

Maybe there could be some sort of 106 Miles community wiki like SuperHappyDevHouse used to have (before it stopped working).

Or perhaps a future meeting could have some time for 5-minute demos/concept pitches of the things people are working on.

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