Thursday, November 10, 2005

Brian Dear rocks the house

I just wanted to thank last night's guest, Brian Dear of EVDB, who raised the bar for all 106 guests now and forever! He was frank and informative about his experiences, brought Eventful schwag (black T-shirts!) for all attendees, and did the most amazing preso of 50 lessons for entrepreneurs from the greatest geek movie of all time (The Blues Brothers, of course).

It was a rousing close to what has been a completely amazing first year for 106 Miles. In a few short months, we went from just an idea to an organization with a regular meeting, a blog, and a LinkedIn group. Most importantly, several hundred of us entrepreneurial engineers (and friends-of-ours) have found each other. I know a couple of companies have formed, lots of early-stage engineers have been hired, and 106 members have learned a lot from each other. It's so very gratifying to feel the entrepreneurial energy in the room after a strong session like Brian's.

As we announced at the meeting, we're taking December off so people can go to holiday parties. Please save January 11th for our next meeting!


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