Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My dark secret

Brendon Wilson, a longtime member and guest speaker last year at the "why do engineers become PMs?" session, has uncovered my secret shame [hangs head].

Monday, February 06, 2006

Lost little lambs

Hans Jacobsen and Barry Holroyd, please send me email with working email addresses. Your emails are bouncing, and unless I hear from you within a month I will delete you from the list. Thanks!

February meeting

Ooops, I forgot to post this!

This month we're hoping to have a good old-fashioned cage match about whether stealth mode and closed alphas are dead. In the blue trunks, taking the "release anything even if it sucks" position, is Kevin Burton of Tailrank and formerly of Rojo. In the red trunks, taking the "sometimes a premature release isn't the best thing for the company, especially if your product is bigger than one webpage" position, is Chris Messina of Flock. Come and cheer on your contender!